The application comes along with a virtual

"Our plan is to take the Boltt wearables mainstream by tapping major use cases across fitness chains, sports academies, corporates, schools and insurance companies," said Aayushi Kishore, co-founder of the start-up.The vision is to solve lifestyle disorders in youth due to lack of awareness and knowledge around health, through these wearable devices and artificial intelligence enabled mobile health applications, two young Indians Arnav Kishore and Aayushi Kishore told reporters at a news conference in Las Vegas on the sidelines of the annual show.The flagship product of the line-up is the Connected Shoes developed with the most unobtrusive form of sensor technology, the company said in a press release.

The application comes along with a virtual assistant called B that interacts with the users and gives real-time voice coaching and interactive feedback on health and training, throughout the day and seamlessly converts boltt wearables into hearables, he said.In a demonstration of the product, Arnav said that Boltt Mobile App brings together the most important fundamentals affecting ones health, training, sleep, nutrition.Aimed at changing the regular fitness regimes with a combination of new-age thinking and technology, an Indian startup has announced launch of series of wearable devises and mobile health applications."Our vision is to change the regular fitness regimes and upgrade it with a combination of new-age thinking and technology," said China Wholesale .325" saw chains Factory Arnav Kishore, CEO & founder of the Indian startup Boltt Sports Technologies.Every Connected Shoe comes equipped with functionalities like energy bounce back, impact absorption, supportive cushioning balance and balanced gripping ground control for a comfortable and natural movement, it said.Stride sensor, fitness trackers and a virtual health assistant named B were the other products unveiled at the show.

Economic activity will be hit in fourth quarter

"The RBI’s policy rate cuts by a total 150 basis points since the beginning of 2015 are likely to feed through to higher GDP growth, even though monetary transmission has been impaired by relatively china chain weak banking sector health A surge in low-cost funding due to the demonetisation may remove a constraint on banks that prevented lending rates from keeping pace with the RBI’s policy rate cuts in recent years," said Fitch."Most importantly, demonetisation is a one-off event. There are no new incentives for people to avoid cash transactions. However, it said that medium-term effect of the currency withdrawal on GDP growth is uncertain, but is unlikely to be large.9 per cent current financial year from 7. "

Economic activity will be hit in fourth quarter by the cash crunch created by withdrawal and replacement of bank notes that account for 86 per cent of the value of currency in circulation," said Fitch.It said that impact of demonetisation on GDP growth will increase the longer the disruption continues.Fitch said that time spent queueing in banks is also likely to have affected general productivity.4 per cent as demonetisation will impact consumption.It said that due to the demonetisation, Indian consumers have not had the cash needed to complete purchases, and there have been reports of supply chains being disrupted and farmers unable to buy seeds and fertiliser for the sowing season..New Delhi: Rating agency Fitch on Tuesday revised downwards its  GDP growth forecast for India to 6. People who operate in the informal sector will still be able to use the new high-denomination bills and other options (such as gold) to store their wealth.It said that anticipated recovery in investment looks a bit less certain in light of ongoing weakness in the data. The informal sector could soon go back to business as usual," said Fitch.